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Jumpmaster PRO Study Guide

A essential study aid for Jumpmaster School with over 1,000 questions! Includes FM 3-21.220   View in App Store

Air Assault School Study Guide

A good study companion for Air Assault School with over 300 questions!   View in App Store

Army Survival Study Guide

Because the first time you need this app can't be the first time you use this app!   View in App Store

PDG PROmote - The USAF Professional Development Guide

The Air Force Professional Development Study Guide (AFPAM 36-2241) with over 4,000 questions!   View in App Store

USAF Dress and Personal Appearance

AFI 36-2903 in the palm of your hand. A handy reference for all Airmen.   View in App Store

Army Bootcamp Study Guide

An inexpensive way to get a headstart on your new career!   View in App Store

Infantry Platoon and Squad

Every infantryman needs this app! Sourced from FM 3-21.8 (formerly FM 7-8)   View in App Store

USAF Airman's Manual (AFPAM 10-100)

An app everyone in the Air Force should have.   View in App Store

Navy SEAL Fitness - The Science and Exercise

More than exercises! Learn the science behind fitness.   View in App Store

Army Uniforms and Insignia (AR 670-1 + ALARACTs)

Army uniform and insignia policy in the palm of your hand!   View in App Store

US Army Ranger Handbook (SH 21-76)

This app covers the same tasks learned by US Army Rangers!   View in App Store

US Army Physical Readiness Training

This app explains and illustrates each Physical Readiness Training Exercise according to TC 3-22.20, August 2010.   View in App Store

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FM 7-0

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